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Brown Gelbvieh/Angus
Balancer Cattle
"The Best of Both Breeds"

 Fall yearlings and spring yearlings for sale private treaty.

Welcome to the Brown Gelbvieh/Angus website. We are located in west central Nebraska, near Paxton, and raise hybrid Balancer cattle. From a select herd of Registered Angus and Registered Balancer cows, we sell well balanced yearling and fall yearling bulls and heifers. These cattle are known for their moderate birthweights, above average growth, docile dispositions and carcass quality.  Through use of AI sires, both Angus, Balancer and Gelbvieh, the quality traits from both breeds excel in our herd.

Our offering of bulls includes some top herd sires. Our cow herd is managed through the winter by grazing on cornstalks with some supplemented alfalfa hay and minimal amounts of soy meal/distillers grain for the calves.  The weaning weights on these fall born calves do tend to run slightly less (50-100#) than those born in the spring that are allowed to graze the lush grass of summer. But we have be very satisfied that by not pushing these calves for huge growth numbers we are not sacrificing a long and healthy life in your herd. Also, birthweights tend to run less (5-10#) on calves born in the fall

Also, keep in mind, these are only a partial listing of the bulls available and that the sires can be viewed on the reference sire page. Photos were taken in January so maturity has also increased. Photos of the yearling Registered Angus bulls for sale will be posted when available.

Please take a look at a few of the bulls….

2015 Sale Highlights....
(See more pics on Bulls For Sale page)

This fall yearling bull is sired by Hugo, out of a registered Angus Dam that carries genetics from Mytty In Focus, WCC Special Design and Sitz Alliance and Connealy Forefront. He has a low birthweight of 76 lbs, and is homozygous black. 1/8GV-7/8AN

This Double Black Fall Yearling is a complete package. His low 66 lb birthweight adds calving ease, plus extra feed conversion makes him a valuable key to improving any cow herd.    Out of a first calf heifer, DNA tested above average for carcass traits as well.  Double black and 1/2GV-1/2AN. Sired by Baxter

  763A is the son of our outstanding herd sire, Baxter, he is one of the youngest fall bulls we have to offer, but is a top growth bull currently weighing over 1600#! This homozygous black, 1/2 Gelbvieh-1/2 Angus carries elite carcass genetics that will add quality to any herd.

This Fall yearling is a half brother to the Mr Ed bull in the reference sires page.  The quality of this bloodline and the offspring they produce are very consistent. He is a lower percentage Gelbvieh, but carries the thickness and length of the Balancer cattle, we have been striving to maintain in our herd. Sire is RTBG Baxter, out of a New Design 1407 registered Angus cow. Homozygous Black, 1/4GV-3/4AN.  Birthweight  81#, current weight 1600+
EPD's: BW -0.3 WW 69  YW 121 M 24  FPI 89.62

This 9-3-13 born fall Balancer is sired by Baxter and out of a registered Angus dam who consistently produces lower birthweight, higher growth offspring. She carries the New Design 036 and B/R Destination Angus bloodlines for added carcass qualities. He will add easy fleshing ability, good disposition and above average carcass tenderness to your herd. Double Black---1/4GV-3/4AN---Currently weighing 1600#+

This docile son of Hugo is very deep bodied and should sire some heavy weights at weaning. His dam goes back to Connealy Dateline, New Design 036 and TC Freedom.  He is 1/8GV-7/8AN, Homozygous Black and currently weighs over 1600#. Birthdate is 8-28-13 and a 81# birthweight.

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